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Patient stories

Read stories shared by our patients about their health journeys and experiences at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center.

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  • Lori Frisher 

    Lori Frisher found herself battling cancer...again, This strong, determined, resilient leader partnered with the region's most experienced physicians and care team to wage a war against Sarcoma.
  • Ben Conners 

    When Ben Connors went to the doctors for a blood clot in his arm, he had no idea it would lead vascular surgery to correct the underlying issue of TOS.
  • Scott Knock — army medic, husband, dad 

    Scott Knock is back on active duty after undergoing surgery to help alleviate pain from neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Paul Pursell 

    Paul is back to living a pain-free life after undergoing surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center for spinal nerve pain.
  • Beth Bouchard 

    Beth Bouchard was not expecting to need surgery for her lower back when she mentioned she was having pain to her son's doctor, but she is thrilled with the treatment she received under Dr. Shay Bess' care.
  • Bill Weston 

    After being misdiagnosed for years, Bill Weston is thrilled with the care and treatment he received following his neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis by Dr. Liu.
  • Samuel LeFebre 

    Learn more about Samuel's inspiring journey and the medical team that was instrumental in the surgery to remove a giant cell tumor in his wrist bone.
  • Dean Story 

    After receiving his diagnosis of chondrosarcoma in his shoulder, Dean Story sought care at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center.
  • Kim Poulton 

    Kim started experiencing severe back pain due to arthritis and spinal stenosis and sought care at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center.
  • Mona Clark 

    Mona Clark is thrilled with the care she received during her hyperbaric oxygen treatments at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center.