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Care Assure

HealthONE's Care Assure program was created to ensure patients receive appropriate care following a visit to one of our hospitals.

What is Care Assure?

Care Assure is HealthONE's commitment to excellence in follow-up care. Care Assure was created to ensure patients receive appropriate care following hospital visits. Clinically trained Nurse Navigators support patients after discharge from the hospital by answering questions and facilitating follow-up appointments.

By taking a broad view of patient care, Care Assure helps to improve management of disease during the transition from the hospital back into the community.

What can you expect from Care Assure?

During the weeks following your hospital admission, you should expect to:

  • Receive calls from a Nurse Navigator who will ensure that you receive appropriate follow-up care
  • Be supported by a healthcare team who is dedicated to helping you navigate and work through the healthcare system
  • Interact with Nurse Navigators who will help you understand your discharge plan and work with you to complete follow-up appointments

What should you do?

To achieve the maximum benefit from Care Assure, you should:

  • Follow all instructions from your hospital discharge summary and ask your nurse questions about anything that you do not understand
  • Work with Nurse Navigators to schedule your follow-up appointments
  • Attend your appointments and/or contact the Nurse Navigator if you need to reschedule the appointment
  • Reach out to the Nurse Navigator with any other questions or concerns