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Hip preservation surgery for hip dysplasia

The expert surgeons specialize in preserving the hip joint while eliminating pain from hip dysplasia.

July 19, 2023

The Sky Ridge International Center for Hip Preservation is among the first in the country to bring together internationally recognized orthopedic hip surgeons in one state-of-the-art facility. The team specializes in preserving the natural hip joint while eliminating hip pain caused by hip dysplasia. “This is the new frontier in sports medicine,” said Dr. Michael Ellman.

Patients now have access to the most advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedures that help them resume their active lifestyles quickly. This unique Center is part of the Sky Ridge Spine & Total Joint Center and is a Joint Commission accredited Center of Excellence for spine, hip and knee surgeries.

“Our goal in creating this Center was to bring together hip centric thought leaders in the area of hip preservation – those with technical skills second to none in terms of work-ups, diagnostics and surgical expertise – to be the very best in our field,” said Ellman.

Advanced surgical care for hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia most commonly affects active teenage and young adult females involved in gymnastics, dance, soccer and other hip centered activities but males are affected too. “Because these patients are at high risk of progressing to arthritis, early intervention is key to long-term mobility and quality of life,” noted Ellman.

Two hip preservation procedures in one surgery

The International Center for Hip Preservation is one of a select few centers in the US with the expertise to perform two different minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries in one procedure to treat hip dysplasia and labral tears.

  1. Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) reshapes the hip joint and correctly aligns the ball and socket.
  2. Hip arthroscopy removes damaged labral tissue and reattaches it to bone.

“We often see failed labral repair work and thus have refined our techniques to improve outcomes. In one case, we saw a 26-year-old female who had six previous unsuccessful surgeries. Ultimately the cause of her pain had not been addressed. She had both an abnormality of the socket, where she had a shallow socket and she also had an abnormality from a rotational standpoint of her femur,” noted Ellman. “I performed labral reconstruction using cadaver tissue to build a new labrum then my colleague Dr. Ron Hugate reoriented the acetabulum as well as de-rotated our patient’s femur to create a natural hip socket. This procedure was quite complex and took about four hours. A year out, our patient is doing remarkably well and back to her active lifestyle.”

Dr. Ron Hugate added, “We too are parents and want the best for our own children. It is our mission to take the very best care of yours.”

While many other surgeons perform PAO first and have patients return weeks later for arthroscopic surgery, our team’s combined surgical approach is faster, equally safe and offers benefits like:

  • Fewer surgical procedures with reduced anesthesia time
  • Minimal blood loss and damage to muscles and tendons
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Less pain and scarring
  • Exceptional outcomes
  • Faster return to activities

Research and outcomes

Because of its surgical volume, the International Center for Hip Preservation is able to collect and track data to improve outcomes and perform research studies that can ultimately be a game changer in this surgical arena. Unlike academic settings, we have the volume to support studies in anesthesia care, pain management, new techniques and recovery. With monthly case conferences among specialists in the US and abroad, the team collaborates on new and unique cases to ultimately enhance care to our patients.

“In 1990, patients with a labral tear were told to ‘live with it’ or quit your sport,” said Dr. James Genaurio. “We are now able to treat these patients in a minimally invasive, low-risk fashion. With our commitment to research, quality and innovation, we are changing the face of orthopedic surgery.”

Call us at 720-225-HIPS to schedule a consultation or visit our website to learn more.


July 19, 2023
Sky Ridge Medical Center

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