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Virtual RN program

Our commitment to using advanced technology to improve patient care is evident in our Virtual RN program.

The HealthONE Virtual RN program is the first of its kind in within the HCA Healthcare network. This innovative program pairs experienced registered nurses at the Virtual Care Center in the Denver Tech Center with advanced technology to elevate patient care at the bedside. The Virtual RNs provide 24/7 monitoring of hospital patients to support and assist the clinical care teams within the hospital, communicating with the team via secure telecommunications technology.

The Virtual RNs (VRNs) can also assist hospital-based staff in establishing care plans, and serve as consultants in that process. In addition, through state-of-the-art remote viewing, the VRNs analyze incoming patient data to identify trends or concerning changes in patient status. Using proprietary computer algorithms and their own clinical experience, a VRN can identify at-risk patients prior to a change in their clinical condition, partnering with hospital nurses and physicians to intervene earlier in the process.

The VRN doesn’t replace bedside monitoring, but rather provides another set of eyes to help the multidisciplinary care team to coordinate, evaluate, customize, and deliver a holistic patient treatment plan.

The HealthONE Virtual RN program is growing. Please search our current job openings.