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Medical Executive Committee at Swedish Medical Center

Our committee members play a key role in helping our staff provide exceptional patient care and in maintaining a supportive, safe working environment for our employees.

What can the Medical Executive Committee do for you?

The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) acts as a representative of the medical staff. The committee proposes change and enacts policies, procedures, and other items in an effort to improve patient care and medical staff structure.

Who is on the Committee?

Swedish Medical Center’s Medical Executive Committee is comprised of the four department chairs (surgery, internal medicine, family medicine, and women’s/children’s) in addition to the Quality Management Executive Committee Chair, President-Elect, President, and Past President.

Mission statement

Foremost, we strive to preserve and continually enhance the quality and safety of patient care at Swedish Medical Center. The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) also endeavors to develop initiatives that allow Swedish to remain on the cutting edge of medical treatments, and to adapt and excel in response to the ever-changing external forces that affect hospital-based patient care and physician practice. We will do our utmost to support members of our Medical Staff and serve as a liaison between physicians and hospital Administration. We believe that engagement of the Medical Staff is critical in achieving these goals, and that the Staff’s contributions are vital to shaping change and cultivating a practice environment in which physicians thrive and patient care is optimized.

Committee duties and responsibilities

  1. Represent and act for the Medical Staff in the interval between Medical Staff meetings
  2. Providing for current Medical Staff Bylaws, rules and regulations, and Medical Staff policies, subject to the approval of the Board.
  3. Providing liaison and communication with all levels of Hospital governance and administration with regard to policy decisions affecting patient care services.
  4. Collaborate with other leaders of the organization in Hospital planning.
  5. Review the qualifications, evidence of current competence, and the recommendations of a Department Chairperson and the Credentials Committee for each individual applying for Medical Staff membership or clinical privileges, and make recommendations for appointment, reappointment, staff category, assignment to Departments and Sections, clinical privileges, and any disciplinary actions.
  6. Organizing the Medical Staff’s quality assessment and performance improvement activities and establishing a mechanism designed to conduct, evaluate, and revise such activities.
  7. Conduct and supervise Medical Staff Peer Review activities.
  8. Receive and act on reports and recommendations from Medical Staff committees, Departments, and assigned activity groups, specifically as related to Medical Staff quality assessment and performance improvement activities.
  9. Make recommendations directly to the Board of Trustees.

2018 officers

Ira Chang, MD
(303) 809-3374

Mary Laird Warner, MD
President-Elect, Credentials Committee Chair
(303) 204-4233

Mark Kozlowski, MD
Immediate Past President
(720) 308-2348

Jeffrey Truell, MD
(303) 808-4359

Michael Erlandson, MD
Family Medicine Chair
(303) 386-5581

Dylan Luyten, MD
Medicine Chair
(303) 709-8868

Jeremy Nussbaumer, MD
Surgery Chair
(720) 273-2320

Amy Adelberg, MD
Women’s and Children’s Chair
(303) 358-7957

Mark Kozlowski, MD
Hospital Professional Review Committee Chair
(303) 788-6404

Brian Burns, MD
Hospitalist Delegate
(209) 324-5057

Administrative attendees

Richard Hammett
(303) 788-6223

Kathy Ashenfelter
Chief Financial Officer
(303) 788-6277

Ryan Thornton
Chief Nursing Officer
(303) 788-8436

Sherrie Kellagher
Medical Staff Services Director
(303) 788-8868

Lisa Ruiz
Vice President, Physician Services
(303) 788-4644