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Educational Requirements for Research

Learn more about HCA-HealthONE's requirements regarding educational training for individuals who want to conduct human subject research.

HCA-HealthONE requires all individuals who conduct human subject research to be appropriately trained prior to conducting human subject research. In addition, continuing education is required every three years. Because investigators and their staffs assume different roles and responsibilities in the conduct of human subject research, HCA-HealthONE has developed training requirements that take into consideration the different roles assumed in the research project.

If an investigator has not completed initial or the required continuing education training, an initial protocol submission or continuing review will not be approved. If a staff member listed on the protocol has not completed training, the staff member must complete the training in order to remain on the protocol, or his or her name will be removed from the protocol at the time of approval.

If a name is removed it may be added in the form of an amendment at a later date, after training is completed. All researchers must maintain a valid certification to receive approval for any new or continuing review IRB submission. A valid certification is successful completion of a HCA-HealthONE IRB-approved human subject protections course completed within the last three years.