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Sky Ridge Future Careers Student Scholarship awarded to four student volunteers

Future Careers Scholarships awarded for fifth time.

June 17, 2024

Lone Tree, CO For the fifth year, Sky Ridge Medical Center presented its Future Careers Student Scholarship awards to four student volunteers, all currently assigned to the Emergency Department, in recognition of their dedication and contributions to Sky Ridge during their time at the hospital. These young adults have donated more than 2000 service hours to Sky Ridge, learning about and serving in 13 different departments.

$5000 in scholarships were awarded to the new graduates to help them pursue healthcare careers. “My grandfather, who has had a huge impact on my life, was an excellent role model and mentor.  He showed me how to inspire others to pursue their dreams.  Helping students see the rewards of working in medicine and caring for their community is a gift, and I am excited we can help our young students pursue further education,” said Wes Ayres, chief operating officer at Sky Ridge when asked about the importance of these awards.

The student volunteer program, led by Volunteer Director John Penn, is a passion for him.  “My father and brother were doctors and this is my way of giving back to the next generation. I love hearing from our students about their academic pursuits and look forward to them returning to Sky Ridge as medical professionals.”

The Class of 2024 Recipients:

Melanie Angelo, Legend High School Graduate

“I found that the Emergency Department connected me to the community. Living in a secure and stable household, I never realized how sheltered I was from my community’s needs and issues. Volunteering in the ER has opened my eyes.”

  • Heading off to Arizona State University
  • Has supported five departments over three years
  • Interested in Emergency Medicine

Sydney Geary, Rock Canyon High School Graduate

“Volunteering in the Emergency Department has been one of my favorite experiences because of its versatility, learning experiences, and direct connections with patients and families. My volunteering has helped me learn more about the systematic approach to admitting patients and the procedures and processes in patient care.”

  • Plans to attend Colorado School of Mines
  • Hopes to pursue a career in Neurology, Pediatrics   or Emergency Medicine

Paige Scully, Cherry Creek High School Graduate

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn about traumas in the Emergency Department. I am impressed with how the team handles life-threatening events with composure and professionalism.”

  • Moving on to the University of Tennessee
  • Is interested in Hospital Administration, Marketing or Emergency Medicine

Nandhana Vivek, Legend High School Graduate

“The firsthand experience of watching skilled doctors and nurses work together to save lives has been nothing short of inspirational. It’s in these moments, amid the controlled chaos, that I’ve learned the most about the resilience of the human body and the impact of quick, decisive action. This is an invaluable part of my education, far exceeding what could be learned in a traditional classroom setting.”

  • Will be attending the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Wants to go into Neuroscience or personalized medicine
  • Is also as a hospice volunteer and CNA at Stonegate

June 17, 2024
Sky Ridge Medical Center

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