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Preparing for your child's visit

We want your child's time with us to go smoothly and be stress free. Below are some tips and recommendations to help you feel prepared for your child's visit.

It’s helpful to write down your child’s medical information, and bring it with you to the hospital. By providing this information, you help your child’s caregivers to provide the best possible care. This includes:

  • Your child’s medical history. Include vaccinations, allergies, current health problems, and the dates of any surgeries and hospital visits
  • A list of your child’s medicines:
    • Prescription medicines
    • Over-the-counter medicines
    • Vitamins and herbs
    • Dosage amounts
  • Questions about your child’s health

What you should ask the doctor

It’s important to communicate with your child’s doctor(s). Some important things to ask include:

  • Questions about tests and treatments for your child’s illness or injury
  • How a treatment will help your child
  • Why more tests or treatments are not always better for your child

What if you do not understand what the doctor is saying?

  • Tell the doctor you do not understand
  • Ask more questions. By asking questions, you help the doctor understand what you need
  • Tell the doctor if you need someone who speaks your language