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Pediatric Second Opinion Program

The specialists at RMHC offer second opinions for pediatric diagnoses to help you feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to your child's medical treatment.

As a parent, making decisions about your child's health can feel overwhelming. Getting a second opinion can offer peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing what’s right for your little patient. Seeking another medical opinion is an easy way to understand a complex diagnosis, add perspective to your provider's expertise, and gain valuable insight into the best treatment options available.

Doctors know that asking for another medical opinion is very common and understand that it can provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision about the best treatment options for your child.

5 common reasons families may seek a second opinion:

  1. Medicine evolves at a very fast pace. You want to be sure you have learned about the best treatment options before selecting your child’s unique care plan.
  2. You want to be sure you have the most experienced provider to help your child. Who better to ask than others in the field!
  3. Your child has completed an initial treatment plan, but still struggles with symptoms.
  4. You are not comfortable with a suggested treatment plan.
  5. You want to explore less invasive or perhaps even more aggressive options.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children pediatric specialists offer second opinions for diagnosis including:

For a second opinion from a Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children physician specialist, call (720) 479-9090.