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About us

When your child is in need, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children provides continuity of care and the highest level of expertise at the bedside. All our physicians are pediatric board-certified, experts in their field and have years of experience treating children.

Our hospital

You only want the very best for your family, and so do we.

Specialized care for children

Children aren’t just "small adults." In fact, children can get many diseases not seen in adult patients, and they can’t always tell you where it hurts. We provide excellent 24/7 pediatric attending physician coverage, pediatric nurses, ancillary staff, equipment and supplies specifically designed for kids.

We have over 200 pediatric subspecialty physicians, including:

  • Neonatology
  • Pediatric intensive care
  • Pediatric oncology
  • Pediatric cardiology
  • And many more

Our pediatric specialties

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children has experts in nearly every pediatric specialty to support the health of your child(ren) and children throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

Cardiology and heart surgery

Whether your premature newborn needs surgery immediately following delivery, your teenager is coming in for a follow-up heart procedure or you are looking for long-term following up for a complex congenital heart condition, The RMHC Heart Center board-certified pediatric cardiac physicians are here for you.

We are the only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region where expert cardiac teams work together to provide care under one roof for high-risk pregnancies that involve a congenital heart condition in mom or baby, an initial congenital heart condition diagnosed prenatally or immediately after birth, cardiac conditions that develop in childhood, inpatient and outpatient long-term following up for complex heart conditions for pediatric and adult patients.

General pediatric orthopedics

We are dedicated to getting children back to their normal lives with our general pediatric orthopedics program. Our team includes physicians, nurses, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric anesthesiologists, child life therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, pain management physicians and patient/family education teams that specialize in limb preservation, spinal surgery, hand surgery, shoulder and elbow services, and rehabilitation.

Minimally invasive surgery

When faced with the prospect of your child's surgery, you want the best possible team caring for your child with expertise and compassion. From common conditions to complex procedures, the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) program at our hospital offers new options for exceptional care, reduced pain, lower complications and a faster return to normal activity for children. Our MIS surgeons are world-renowned leaders and pioneers in their field. We offer MIS options for fetal surgery as well as procedures for infants, children and adolescents.

Multidisciplinary Amazing Kidz clinics

Our providers treat your Amazing Kidz by bringing unique teams of specialists together to care for children with conditions like cleft lip and palate, aerodigestive disorders, feeding issues and more. Children in our Amazing Kidz program receive organized care by multiple specialists in one convenient location and in coordinated appointments. On top of that, all of our Amazing Kidz doctors carefully communicate with each other to make your life easier and your child’s care better.


Our system of NICUs throughout HealthONE has 161 NICU beds and treats twice the number of NICU patients annually as compared to any other hospital in Denver. We have more than 300 affiliated pediatric specialists, neonatologists and maternal-fetal specialists.

Pediatric cancer care

We offer an innovative, comprehensive approach to a full range of pediatric cancers. As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, we are able to offer access to major clinical trials. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and surgical techniques, ensuring patients receive the most modern methods of cancer treatment. Additionally, we are one of only a few hospitals in the U.S. with intraoperative radiation therapy for pediatric patients with solid tumors.

Pediatric gastrointestinal (GI) services

Our hospital offers pediatric gastroenterology specialists around the clock to address all the simple and emergency needs of children. Our program includes access to the full system of gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, pediatric surgeons and dietitians for long and short-term pediatric GI conditions. Our team of pediatric gastroenterologists is the only one in the Denver metro area that can perform pediatric biliary endoscopy.

Pediatric intensive care (PICU)

We serve the needs of the Denver metro area with our 24/7 staffing of board-certified intensivists and hospitalists at two PICUs. Our two PICU units are located at our main location at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in downtown Denver and our location at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood for the most access for families and sick children.

Pediatric emergency services

Our pediatric emergency department is open 24/7. The board-certified specialists provide infants, children and adolescents with exceptional emergency care when minutes matter most. Our facility offers short wait times (day and night), kid-sized equipment and cheerful decor. We also provide highly effective pain management for injuries in children and are in close communication with your child’s primary care doctor whenever possible

Spine and scoliosis specialists

Congenital spinal abnormalities are present at birth and have lasting effects on a child’s development. Our pediatric spine specialists offer advanced treatment options and continued care for pediatric spinal disorders. Using a truly multidisciplinary approach to spinal disorder management, our fellowship-trained pediatric subspecialists strive to optimize the functional abilities of each child. We have all of the pediatric subspecialists necessary to provide the highest level of care.

Pediatric system of care for HealthONE

Our hospital is just one in the network of HealthONE’s pediatric service line that have committed to national standards of clinical excellence for children.

The evolution of pediatric services began more than 40 years ago at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver with founding physicians creating a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and other pediatric specialty services.

Physicians affiliated with our hospital are in private practices and are board-certified or board eligible in their pediatric specialty. Interns or residents do not treat our pediatric patients.

Our network's hospitals care for infants, children and teenagers from a six-state region every year.


Pediatric Beds



NICU Level

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s





Med Ctr. of Aurora





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First Call for Children

First Call for Children, our free community service nurse triage advice line, puts parents in touch with a pediatric nurse for after-hours questions about their child's health. Call us at (303) 563-3300.

Community benefit

As part of a community benefit, our hospital provides uncompensated care equal to other children’s hospitals in the region in addition to paying millions of dollars in federal and state taxes annually.

We also provide outreach clinics and clinical education to underserved communities in a five-state region.

Mission values and vision

The Continental Division of HCA has adopted a shared mission, vision, values and standards of behavior that brings out the best in us individually and collectively.

We offer these as principles for all of us to live by every day, use in all our decisions, and to guide our daily behavior.


Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.


To bring exceptional healing, to all human beings.


Integrity — Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
Compassion — Be empathetic to the needs of others and sympathize with their situation.
Accountability — Take ownership for how actions impact outcomes.
Respect — Value others and embrace diversity.
Excellence — Take personal pride in exceeding expectations.

Here's what industry experts say about our care and values.

What do we mean when we say I CARE?


  • Prioritize the safety of our patients, guests, colleagues, and staff above everything else.
  • Advocate for patients and others regardless of my role.
  • Be honest, genuine and consistent with my words and actions and keep my promises.
  • Act and treat others as if I am being observed by patients, guests and colleagues at all times.
  • Refrain from using electronic devices for personal use in the presence of patients and guests.
  • Treat company resources as if they were my own.


  • Care for our patients and treat others as if they are our family, actively listen to their needs, and make no one feel like an interruption.
  • Create an environment that inspires trust, safeguards dignity, and promotes healing.
  • Be nonjudgmental in my interactions with others.
  • Use a positive tone, sit down when appropriate, use appropriate touch, and respond in a timely manner to patient and family needs.
  • Make patients and families feel that they are included in decision-making and informed about their care. I will participate in hourly rounding, bedside shift report and completion of patient care boards.


  • Stay informed about organization, facility, and department initiatives.
  • Present a clean and professional image.
  • Keep my workplace clean and safe; I will pick up trash, report safety hazards, and seek repair of broken items.
  • Take the time and accept the responsibility to help. If I cannot personally assist, I will find someone who can.
  • Arrive on time and be ready to focus on assigned duties.
  • Take ownership of issues and maintain a high standard for my individual performance.
  • Use open communication and AIDET in all interactions.
  • Use key words at key times to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Honor individual differences, cultural beliefs and embrace the communities we serve.
  • Speak respectfully of others, acknowledge the vital role each of us plays in providing care to our customers, and promote a climate of trust.
  • Give honest, timely, constructive feedback and graciously accept feedback as an opportunity to improve.
  • Honor commitments and meet deadlines.


  • Practice safety precautions to ensure excellent patient care is provided every time as well as keeping fellow colleagues safe in the work environment.
  • Value and use teamwork to provide excellent customer service.
  • Seek opportunities for professional development to stay current in my field of expertise.
  • Engage patients and guests in such a way that they have positive stories to share about their experiences.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children statistics

  • 53

    Pediatric beds

  • 20

    Pediatric ICU beds

  • 84

    Neonatal ICU beds

Our leadership
Our hospital leadership teams are dedicated to continually improving our services, abilities and safety practices. They ensure our patients and our communities get access to the high-quality care they need and deserve.
We regularly publish articles when we add new services, departments and advanced technology, so you can see all the benefits our hospital has to offer.
Contact us
Communication with you and your family is an important part of your care plan when you're with us. We are open to questions, comments and feedback any time.

The Joint Commission public notice

As required, our hospital undergoes unannounced surveys to assess our compliance with national standards related to our accreditations. If you have any information you want to share related to this, you may request a public information interview with The Joint Commission.

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