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A stroke is a medical emergency where blood flow to the brain is either reduced or stopped, depriving brain tissue of essential oxygen and nutrients. A stroke may cause loss in brain function and affect movement and speech.

Stroke center in Denver

When time is of the essence, we're standing by with advanced and effective stroke treatments.

Swedish Medical Center is a leader in stroke care thanks to our comprehensive treatment options and swift approach. Our transport system allows us to treat you quicker than ever before. Offering helpful support groups for you and your family, our stroke specialists will see you through uncertain times.

Expert advice, available 24/7

Free health-related information is available just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

Free health-related information is available just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

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Recognizing stroke symptoms

A stroke — also called a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) — occurs when blood flow to the brain is cut off, causing cells to die off. Thousands of brain cells can be lost every second, so medical intervention is key to stopping a stroke and limiting damage. The two primary types of strokes are hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. Knowing the warning signs of either type of stroke can help save lives. Some common symptoms of stroke include:

  • Droop on one side of the face
  • Inability to lift both arms
  • Inability to repeat a simple phrase
  • One arm drifts downward
  • Slurred speech
  • Sudden loss of balance
  • Trouble seeing

Advanced stroke treatments and services

The Swedish Neuro Network of hospitals and physician practices creates a system of stroke care that extends into a multistate region. We are the first hospital in Colorado to be certified as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center by The Joint Commission and American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for achieving excellent patient outcomes and care. This certification recognizes our hospital as having the advanced technology, staff and training that complex stroke care requires.

Stroke diagnostics

HealthONE Swedish Neuro Network.

We are highly skilled at diagnosing strokes. Our hospital was even the first in the Rocky Mountain region to add artificial intelligence to automatically detect suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs), which are the cause of many ischemic strokes. With this technology, computerized tomography (CT) imagery is reviewed by an advanced, deep-learning algorithm. It automatically analyzes the images and, when a suspected LVO is found, an alert is sent to our stroke specialists in six minutes or less. As a result, we can identify strokes earlier and help improve time-to-treatment.

Stroke treatments

As the first Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center in the region, we have consistently provided high-quality, advanced stroke care. We beat the national averages on the time it takes to be seen by a neurologist as well as door-to-treatment time. This includes being treated with advanced care, such as IV thrombolytics and surgical interventions. In fact, our acute stroke surgical intervention is performed nearly half the time as the national average.

Cerebral angiogram

A cerebral angiogram is the study of the blood vessels in the head and neck. A radiologist can perform many procedures during a cerebral angiogram, treating strokes and stroke-related issues such as:

  • Arteriovenous malformations and vascular malformations
  • Blood clots in the brain
  • Brain aneurysms
  • Narrowed blood vessels

Minimally invasive surgery for hemorrhagic strokes

We are the first hospital in the Denver metro region to offer minimally invasive surgery to remove a blood clot from the brain if you experience an intracerebral hemorrhage. We do this with a neuroevacuation device, which uses controlled aspiration to remove blood and tissue from the cerebrum and ventricular systems of the brain during minimally invasive neurosurgery.

There are limited treatment options for hemorrhagic stroke, so this procedure offers you another viable treatment plan.

Catheter treatment for ischemic strokes

We are the first Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center in Colorado to use reperfusion catheters to treat ischemic stroke patients faster and more efficiently. This system allows physicians to easily open the affected blood vessels and remove the clot.

Should you need this rapid treatment, you can be among the many patients who are spared the lasting effects of a stroke.

Stroke support groups

If you suffer a stroke, we encourage you, your caregivers and family to participate in support group meetings. There are many in the area, including the ones that we offer: The Colorado Brain Aneurysm Support Group at Littleton Adventist Hospital and the Rocky Mountain Brain Aneurysm Support Group at Swedish Medical Center. These locations alternate holding monthly meetings. Together, we provide information and education on a variety of topics relating to the stroke recovery process for both survivors and caregivers.

Meeting rooms are just off the main lobby of each hospital. Meetings are held monthly on Monday or Wednesday evenings.

To find out more information about our stroke support groups, contact us at (970) 471-2178.

Transportation to our hospital during a stroke

Our care coordination for stroke begins before you have even reached our emergency room (ER).

Emergency medical services (EMS) ambulance

We work closely with local EMS crews to ensure they notify us from the field when your suspected stroke occurs. This collaboration means our team is assembled and ready as soon as you reach our ambulance bay.

Air transportation

Our hospital network also offers AirLife, an air and ground transport team. AirLife Denver has the first recognized dedicated stroke transport team in the U.S. The team has received specialized education for the transportation of stroke patients, offering advanced care as they are transferring you to or between hospitals. Because of this, patients throughout an eight-state region may improve their chances of limiting the effects of stroke.

Our Stroke Locations

Currently Viewing:

Swedish Medical Center
501 E Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO 80113
 (303) 788 - 5000

Currently Viewing:

Swedish Medical Center
501 E Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO 80113
 (303) 788 - 5000
Rose Medical Center
4567 E 9th Ave
Denver, CO 80220
 (303) 320 - 2121

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