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Concierge medicine gives you back freedom in healthcare. It is a unique approach to healthcare membership where a patient has unfettered access to their provider. This means your doctor is available for you when you need it most. This means you have access to wellness exams, illness management, nutrition counseling, health and fitness tracking, and advanced testing whenever you need it. Rose Medical Center works closely with concierge medicine providers in the community to ensure patients have access to the care they need.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a healthcare model that offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to individualized care. It focuses on the patient-doctor relationship, allowing time to discuss issues and understand the entire scope. This may mean a practice accepts far fewer patients to allow for more one-on-one time and personalized care. This also allows for immediate appointments, while increasing the time spent with your doctor.

What services does concierge medicine provide?

  • Board-certified internal/family/primary care medicine physicians
  • Preventive medical services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Genetic testing
  • Cancer screenings
  • Wellness plans
  • Comprehensive advanced physical examination
    • Full laboratory workups
    • Cardiac testing
    • Ultrasounds
    • Coronary calcium scoring
    • EKG
    • Carotid ultrasound and CIMT
    • Coronary artery calcium detection

The white glove treatment

Every concierge medicine practice offers a unique set of services and benefits. Some of the options you will find include:

  • 24/7 access to your physician
  • Same-day or following-day access to your physician
  • Easy access to your physician via phone, video call, or email
  • Comprehensive annual exam
  • Annual nutritionist visit
  • Monthly discussions on nutrition
  • Individualized, goal-oriented treatment plan
  • Functional assessment with physical therapist
  • Laboratory tests and screenings at no additional cost (or heavily discounted)
  • VIP suites
  • Navigator to assist with processes
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Direct involvement by your physician, if hospitalized at Rose Hospital