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A Healthcare System of Excellence

HealthONE is the largest healthcare system in the metro Denver area with more than 10,000 employees. As part of the HealthONE family, The Medical Center of Aurora, North Suburban Medical Center, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Rose Medical Center, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, and Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital work together to provide a higher level of care. In addition, our family of services includes five hospital outpatient provider emergency departments and numerous ambulatory surgery centers, occupational medicine & rehabilitation clinics, physician practices, and AIRLIFE-DENVER, which provides critical care air and ground transportation across a 10-state region.

HealthONE includes:

Why Choose HealthONE

Over the last 20 years since founded, our HealthONE Family of Hospitals has expanded dramatically to become the largest hospital system and one of the largest employers in the Denver Metro area.

Our system has grown to include 10,000 employees, eight hospitals, five stand-alone emergency departments, 17 ambulatory surgery centers, 30 imaging centers, dozens of clinics and the premier medical transport service, AirLIFE Denver. With a mission focused on the care and improvement of human life, our desire to serve patients is at the core of every decision.

Increasing Access to Care
Our presence makes a tremendous impact on the Denver community in a variety of ways. Just in taxes alone, we contributed more than $120 million in 2014. Furthermore, recent and near-term projects totaling nearly $400 million in capital improvement and construction at our hospitals and other health facilities supports the growth and development of the entire metro area. We have responded to the needs of our growing community by addressing the desire for health care closer to home through building additional key services in neighborhood communities.

In the last several years, we have added five community stand-alone emergency departments. These 24/7 fully-staffed ERs are close to home and provide life-saving services including stroke and heart attack care, with on-site imaging services, a full-service laboratory and telemedicine equipment for specialist consultations.

Providing Vital Colorado Jobs
Currently, we provide careers for more than 10,000 area residents and pay more than $822 million annually toward salaries, wages, and benefits. Our workforce includes physicians, nurses, lab technicians, therapists, and imaging staff, as well as office-based and non-clinical positions.

Advancing the Community Health
Beyond the new facilities and the workforce offerings, we also provided $6.8 million to local organizations to fund a variety of programs; in addition we donated $1.5 million in charitable contributions to local organizations. Beneficiaries include Susan G. Komen Colorado, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and several others.

Our health system provides a valuable and necessary service for the Denver community. Not only does our entire HealthONE Family of Hospitals contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community, but we are also an economic engine that is vital to Denver’s growth and stability.

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Above all else, we are Committed to the Care and Improvement of Human Life.- HCA Mission Statement