Postoperative Blood Sugar (Blood Glucose)

Controlling the Postoperative Blood Sugar (Blood Glucose) of Heart Surgery Patients at HealthONE Hospitals in Denver, Colorado

Timeframe: January 2011 through March 2011
(Most Recent Data Available)

Blood Sugar for Heart Patients Graph

Timeframe: October 2009 through September 2010
(Yearly National and State Comparisons)

heart patient blood sugar

What Does This Measure?

This measures the percentage of heart surgery patients whose blood glucose (blood sugar) is kept under good control in the days right after surgery.

Why Is This Important? 

Keeping a heart patient's blood sugar under good control after surgery lowers the risk of infection and other complications. According to, the patient's blood sugar should be 200 mg/dL or less when checked first thing in the morning to be considered “under good control.”

What Are We Doing to Improve Our Performance? 

HealthONE hospitals have implemented several initiatives to improve our performance on this measure. These include: