Medication Safety Programs
at HealthONE Hospitals

Checklists: Simple & Highly Effective

Checklists are used throughout HealthONE Hospitals to ensure the healthcare team follow the proper steps in delivering care. These simple checklists incorporate practices known to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, all hospitals practice strict drug safety and drug tracking using systems like AcuDose® to limit access and ensure proper dispensing by appropriate staff.

Precise Blood Product Ordering

Using standardized bar code technology, HealthONE hospitals provide bedside patient & product verification before a blood product is given to the patient.

Precise Medication Ordering

HealthONE hospitals were among the first in the nation to implement a bar code medication tracking system called eMAR (electronic medication administration record) to significantly reduces medication errors. This program has been instrumental in encouraging the FDA to develop a standardized bar code system for use throughout the phar- maceutical industry and at all hospitals.